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Venom Cock

If that didn't get your attention, nothing will.

This is more reviewing debate. The backstory: at last year's World Fantasy Convention, a sampler containing an extract from a debut novel called Touched by Venom was given away as a freebie. The extract was roundly mocked for being terrible; the phrase "venom cock" was much cited. Extensive online debate followed.

This week's developments:

A favourable review at Strange Horizons. (Full disclosure: I'm the reviews editor there, so this is entirely my responsibility.)

A comment from Cheryl Morgan.

A negative response by Nick Mamatas.

Some musings in whileaway, a community dedicated to feminist sf.

The discussion on my journal, including Nick Mamatas questioning my editorial judgement.

EDIT: matociquala comments here. And the whole thing's made it to fandom wank.
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